Sneak Peek From Next Week’s Glee! Rachel and Kurt Get A Surprise Visit!

If you want to be COMPLETELY surprised by the next episode of Glee, you should probably skip this article and clip… because this is the kinda of juicy sneak peek we love!

Here, it confirms a lot about what we’ve been hearing about what’s coming up… we’re talking shocking moments and maybe a revelation including Finn!

Check out this clip of Sebastian visiting Rachel and Kurt at the Lima Bean!

Is it Glee night yet?!?!

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Bobby Brown Won’t Be Bringing Lawyers Into Daughter Dispute

The battle between Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston‘s family is far from over, but the exiled Dad won’t be turning to lawyers to reach his goal.

And we’re glad, because that’s the last thing that Bobbi Kristina needs.

Sources are saying that he DOES want to be there for her, but doesn’t want to make things worse in an already tough situation.

We’re also hearing that Bobby wasn’t happy with how he was treated at Whitney’s funeral yesterday — and feels her family should be as considerate to him as his family was to Whitney when Bobby’s mother passed away last year.

That’s understandable.

We just don’t know if Bobbi Kristina needs that kind of influence right now, as we’re also hearing that she might be battling her own substance demons right now.

What do U think, should he be allowed to be around her??

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Colbert Report Will Resume Taping Tomorrow

Good news!

The Colbert Report will resume taping tomorrow, after inexplicably being halted last week.

Nobody really know what happened for sure, but we’ve heard reports that Stephen halted the show because he was caring for his 91-year-old mother, Lorna.

The little bit that does support this hypothesis is that he responded to people sending well-wishes:

“My family and I would like to thank everyone who has offered their thoughts and prayers. We are grateful and touched by your concern.”

We hope everyone is okay, Stephen, and we’ll be happy to see you back in fine form tomorrow!

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Whitney Houston Had Been Laid To Rest

It has been just a short time since Whitney has passed, but as of this afternoon, the legendary singer has been laid to rest.

We’re happy to hear that it was a peaceful, private occasion.

We were lucky to be able to see and be a part of the highly-publicized and emotional funeral service, even if it was just as spectators.

She was buried next to her father, who passed in 2003, while fans lined the streets around the cemetery. They threw rose petals and screamed for her as he hearse passed.

There was nowhere near the amount of people at the burial as at the funeral. It was intimate.

We are so sorry for her friends and family, and we miss her. The world has lost a legend, and today is both a sad and respectful day.

We hope you’ve found peace, Whitney.

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Ghost Rider 2 Shocks And Underperforms!

On Friday, the projections had Ghost Rider 2 coming out on top this weekend… but that was not the case!

Whether or not you think it looks ridiculous, the first one shocked as well — out performing it’s projections!

Here are the numbers:

The Vow and Safe House stayed on top, even if they did switch positions! They took in $23.6 million and $24 million, respecitvely, per Friday-Sunday estimates.

Ghost Rider 2?

$22 million. For comparison, the last one made $45 million its first weekend… which isn’t good when you realize it probably cost around $75 million to make.

Chances are though that it’ll become profitable when it gets spread around the globe!

Did U see it? What did U see this weekend??

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Michelle Williams Checks Out Mulberry With Lizzy Olsen, Lana Del Rey, and the Downton Girls

The front row at today’s Mulberry Where The Wild Things Are-inspired show during Fall Fashion Week, held at Claridge’s Hotel, was star-studded. Michelle Williams held court in the middle of a celebrity array that included Lizzy Olsen, singer Lana Del Rey, and two of the female leads from Downton Abbey, Michelle Dockery and Laura Carmichael - are you excited for the Downton Abbey season finale this evening?

Holding down things on the guy side was Thor and War Horse actor Tom Hiddleston, who was lucky enough to catch a few minutes with Michelle Williams and pose for photos with an arm around Michelle Dockery. After checking out what creative director Emma Hill sent down the runway, the group reconvened for a special dinner at the Savile Club. Chef Tom Aikens presided over an all-British meal. Lana del Rey is the night’s performer, and also had the recent honor of Mulberry naming their “Del Rey” bag after her.

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Aretha Franklin Calls Off From Whitney’s Funeral, Still Performs Later That Night?

Aretha Franklin unfortunately couldn’t make it to Whitney Houston‘s funeral.

She said the reason was that she was having leg spasms, and needed to rest before performing later that night!

A lot of people might think this is just a way out of having to go, but we’re going to say that it was a legit excuse.

Here’s what she said:

“[My] heart goes out to my dear friend Cissy, Dionne, Bobbi Kristina and the rest of the family. May God keep them all.”

She did in fact go on later to perform at Radio City Music Hall.

Aretha also ended up dedicating her show to Whitney, so we know she feels for the loss.

We miss you Whitney!

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Watch This: ‘The Road To Talk That Talk’ Part 1 & 2

spotted rihanna Watch This: The Road To Talk That Talk Part 1 & 2

Rihanna walked and waved in all of her banjee glory out in London last night (February 18).

The goat whisperer has been ruffling feathers for inviting ex-boyfriend Chris Brown to a private birthday celebration and rumored decision to include him on her anticipated (and ironically titled) track “Birthday Cake.” Here’s the latest per Miss Info:

Well, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised . . . but I’m guessing some fans will be disappointed to hear that Rihanna is allegedly being pressured to shelf the “Birthday Cake (Remix)” completely. It’s possible that she recorded it with Chris without alerting label and management. But here’s the thing . . . burying this song, doesn’t really solve anything if these two continue to reunite in other ways. And by the looks of Rihanna’s twitter rant, the heart wants what the heart wants. Plus, are all parties ready to begin a lengthy period of lying about the duet’s existence? Seems like both Rihanna and Chris are pushing back.

Let them eat cake? Watch ‘The Road To Talk That Talk’ after the jump.


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Guests Demanding Refunds From Hotel The Day Whitney Died Are Refused

We can’t even understand what it would have been like to have been staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel the day Whitney died.

Not only would it be a huge shock, but we’re sure the amount of traffic and camera crews, and people running around the hotel would be unbearable!

But we’re hearing that that doesn’t matter to the hotel — they’re refusing refunds!

Apparently, the entire floor was on lockdown over the weekend, making their lives miserable. We can understand that.

Here’s what the hotel said:

“Given the extraordinary nature of the events of last Saturday evening, The Beverly Hilton took every precaution to protect the privacy of the Houston Family as well as the hotel guests who may have been impacted by the incident. The hotel cooperated fully with the Beverly Hills police which included securing the fourth floor to insure the safety and well-being of all guests … and regrets any inconvenience that may have occurred in the immediate aftermath of Saturday’s events.”

That’s a canned response for, “we don’t care, we’re not giving a refund or a discount.”

Honestly, no matter how much it sucks, we’re willing to bet the sad passing of Whitney has given the hotel lots of free publicity… and we hear that everyone and his brother wants to rent that room.

The least they could do is help out the folks who were disturbed!

What do U think? Should they be refunded??

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Who Wore It Better?

I know, I should double slap myself in the face for asking a question that even hos not named Al Pacino clearly knows the answer to. But RiRi tried. RiRi said at the Grammys last week that she recently decided to follow the “If Elvira Hancock wouldn’t wear it, neither am I” rules of glamour and she made that shit perfectly clear at Stella McCartney’s shown London last night. Look at RiRi sexy posing hard like she’s in the line-up at a Bangkok whore house and she’s one beej away from meeting her quota for the month.

While I appreciate that RiRi is giving me “if Tina Turner was in Scarface” vibes, I just can’t with her trying to recreate the trophy piece perfection of Michelle Pfeiffer. I mean, I’d like to see RiRi try to bust out “sedated chicken airing out its pits” moves in that dress:

RiRi needs to leave dressing like a 1980s expensive Miami coke whore to the professionals.

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